Wait! What you should know about defects Before purchasing New Cast Iron Cookware

  Cast Iron Cookware What everybody ought to know  about cast iron Cookware defects. Pinhole: Check for the Pinholes or cavities in the Cast Iron Cookware. Food Particles get collected in the cavities & make it difficult to clean. Sharp Flash: Check for Sharp edges or Flash at the edges of Cast Iron Cookware. These Flash can cause cuts or injuries while cleaning or cooking. Sand & Slag Inclusion: Sand or Slag inclusion near the surface of the Cast Iron Cookware. Chip: Chip or notch is a visible defect seen at the edges of the Cast Iron Cookware. Crack: Check for the hairline Cracks on the Cookware which breaks the Cookware into pieces. Wobbling or Warping: Check for wobbling or warping (curving) on the flat surfaces of the Cookware. Wall thickness variation: Check for wall thickness variation of the Cast Iron Pan or Cookware. Dent or Dimple: Check for dents or depressions on the surfaces of the Cookware. Avoiding these defects will make your co

Best Seasoned Cast Iron Pan

Indian Crispy Dosa on well seasoned Cast Iron Pan   Crispy Indian Dosa with Sambar

Best Guide on How to Season Cast Iron Pan

#1 Guide on How to Season Cast Iron Pan  This started on a Monday morning, while I was leaving for the work, I received this email: Hello Papa, I reached Seattle and I am beginning to adjust to this beautiful place. First two days, I took rest and got adjusted to the time zone difference. Ours is a One Bed Room, One Hall, Kitchen House in an apartment at a beautiful location situated in Downtown. I can see a beautiful view through our Window.  With Rohan, I went shopping and visited three best Kitchen Stores in Seattle to buy cookware. We visited Cookin’ at Madison Park, Kitchen Basics downtown, and then Kitchen & Company.  As most of the time, Mom used to cook in Cast Iron Pan and used to tell me the benefits of using Cast Iron Pan. So I was looking for Cast Iron Pan and finally, I could get one of my desired shapes and size at the right price.  Along with the Pan, we bought other necessary items required for cooking. After our shopping, we went to Saffron Gill restaurant and