Best Guide on How to Season Cast Iron Pan

#1 Guide on How to Season Cast Iron Pan 

This started on a Monday morning, while I was leaving for the work, I received this email:

Hello Papa,

I reached Seattle and I am beginning to adjust to this beautiful place. First two days, I took rest and got adjusted to the time zone difference. Ours is a One Bed Room, One Hall, Kitchen House in an apartment at a beautiful location situated in Downtown. I can see a beautiful view through our Window. 

With Rohan, I went shopping and visited three best Kitchen Stores in Seattle to buy cookware. We visited Cookin’ at Madison Park, Kitchen Basics downtown, and then Kitchen & Company. 

As most of the time, Mom used to cook in Cast Iron Pan and used to tell me the benefits of using Cast Iron Pan. So I was looking for Cast Iron Pan and finally, I could get one of my desired shapes and size at the right price. 

Along with the Pan, we bought other necessary items required for cooking. After our shopping, we went to Saffron Gill restaurant and had our dinner. I liked the tasty Asian food and enjoyed my dinner. Later, we returned to our apartment and slept with keeping all items as it is on the dining table.

The next day morning, after I unpacked Pan box, the following questions, came to my mind.

what do I do with a new cast iron pan? & how to prepare a cast iron pan for use?

how to clean a cast-iron pan before first use?

how to season a cast iron pan? & how long to season a cast iron pan?

how to season a cast iron pan on a gas stove?

how to season a cast iron pan with vegetable oil? 

I recalled about you, papa, explaining the seasoning process to Aunty & decided to drop an email. 


I thought that there might be many more who might be in such situations and would be looking for solutions. This thought made me write a Blog, which can help to a larger extent.

Easy guide on seasoning & cleaning of a cast iron pan.

"How to Season a Cast Iron Pan Step by Step" will solve the problems faced by many after purchasing a new cast iron pan.

It is important to understand the process of seasoning and to follow the points step by step,

Now that we will address the problems one by one.

Cast Iron Pan

Step 1,

What do I do with a new cast iron pan? & How to prepare 

a cast iron pan for use?

You, follow the step by step instructions to season the new cast iron Pan before first use. Cast Iron Pans are cast in one piece and you can’t season the only part that you cook with. The process is very easy. Unless you season it, you cannot get the results like non-stick Pan. Seasoning or Curing is a must & necessary before first use. Need to season Pan for about 3-4 times before using. Well-seasoned Pan acts like non-stick Pan. By proper seasoning, the surface becomes smooth.

Step 2,

How to clean a cast-iron pan before first use?

Best way to clean a cast-iron pan.

First scrub the Pan front, back & side too. Once you are happy that all dirt has gone, wash well with hot water and dry it completely on the gas stove.

Apply Salt, lemon juice along with baking soda and clean all surfaces. Then Clean with clean water. Heat on Gas stove up to 200 -250 Degree till all surfaces become dry.

Step 3,

How to season a cast iron pan? & how long to season a cast iron pan?

How to season a cast iron pan on a gas stove?

How to season a cast iron pan with vegetable oil?

Best Oils for Seasoning a cast iron pan.

Generally Cast-iron Pan surface will be wavy, even that we want to fill up to make a nice smooth cooking surface.

Apply enough quantity of either Flaxseed oil / Olive oil / Rice Bran Oil / Coconut oil or any edible vegetable oil, over the entire surface of the Pan, keeping on the Gas Stove to provide a uniform coating and heat it at around 250 degrees Centigrade for about one hour, repeat this process for about 2-3 times.

Cast Iron Pan Cleaning

Flaxseed oil is the best for seasoning. Flaxseed oil dry’s the hardest and creates the best nonstick long-lasting seasoning. But Flaxseed oil is expensive and if you don’t want to spend, use other edible oils instead of Flaxseed oil.

Be careful, to maintain safety, and allow Pan to cure and leave the Pan aside for a day before use. A nice flax oil film will form on the surface of the Pan and then use it. You will have to repeat until a good film is formed on the Pan surface, 2-3 times. After this, your cast iron pan is ready to use.

I prefer, you not to eat the very first time to get rid of impurities. You need more oil while cooking, later you won’t need more oil. Spread a thin layer of oil on the surface after every use. Well-seasoned cast Iron Pan requires less oil and it is the best sign of a well-seasoned Pan. If you season the pan and maintain it, Cooked Food won't stick to the Pan. Proper seasoning and maintaining will change cast iron Pan into a natural nonstick Pan. The more you cook, the more seasoned it becomes.

Cast Iron Pan

How to Care Cast Iron Pan?

Clean the Pan after cooking. Never wash Cast Iron Pan with cold water when Pan is hot. You can rinse with warm water. Once Pan gets cooled, wash and wipe it dry. Always coat the Pan with cooking oil after use and leave it like that till next use for best results. Do not use harsh soap or detergent to clean.

How to take care of Cast Iron Pan?

Always Rinse the Pan with warm water immediately. Use mild dishwashing liquid or no soap at all. The gentle way to clean cast iron cookware is with warm water and salt.

If Pan is too hot, allow it to cool instead of putting it under cold water for cleaning, you can risk it cracking. As cast iron Pan is brittle in nature, if thrown or falls, there is a risk of breaking or cracking.

Apply a light layer of vegetable oil after every use. Heat until the oil is smoking, then turn it off and let it cool and leave it like that till next use.

The reason behind to heat up to the smoking point is that the oil does not turn rancid. Oil coating prevents water from contacting the metal surface. As water makes the Cast Iron Pan rust. A golden rule to remember is, always keep cast iron cookware dry, as contact with water will make it rust. So after use, place it in a dry place. Before every use, heating the Pan sterilizes it. Cast Iron Pans actually tend to get better with usage. 

Benefits of Cast Iron Pan

· During heating distribute heat evenly & retains heat.

· Well-seasoned Pan needs very less oil, making foods lower in fat content.

· Cast iron pan transfer iron mineral to the food, that’s good for anemic people and is safe to use.


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