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Wait! What you should know about defects Before purchasing New Cast Iron Cookware

  Cast Iron Cookware What everybody ought to know  about cast iron Cookware defects. Pinhole: Check for the Pinholes or cavities in the Cast Iron Cookware. Food Particles get collected in the cavities & make it difficult to clean. Sharp Flash: Check for Sharp edges or Flash at the edges of Cast Iron Cookware. These Flash can cause cuts or injuries while cleaning or cooking. Sand & Slag Inclusion: Sand or Slag inclusion near the surface of the Cast Iron Cookware. Chip: Chip or notch is a visible defect seen at the edges of the Cast Iron Cookware. Crack: Check for the hairline Cracks on the Cookware which breaks the Cookware into pieces. Wobbling or Warping: Check for wobbling or warping (curving) on the flat surfaces of the Cookware. Wall thickness variation: Check for wall thickness variation of the Cast Iron Pan or Cookware. Dent or Dimple: Check for dents or depressions on the surfaces of the Cookware. Avoiding these defects will make your co